Hope Kahn is known for her alternative photography and has 25 years of experience in the fine art world.

Hope uses many different photographic means to capture an image; such as digital cameras, plastic cameras and pinhole cameras. She then applies, a variety of finishing techniques.  Some of the techniques used are historical processes such as Photo Gravure, Cyanotype as well as the use of paper negatives. The common thread in her art is the blending of the realistic into the interpretative – producing a poetic quality to her photographs. Her clients have often called her work “mysterious and otherworldly.”


About hope kahn

Hope Kahn has been a professional photographer for the last 25 years. 

She has studied photography at University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as workshops throughout the country.  She holds a BS degree in Education and has taught photography to children in under privileged urban settings.

Hope has been utilizing and exploring alternative photography with a concentration on pinhole and plastic cameras.  Her focus has been on the figure in the landscape, utilizing human and birds as her subjects. 

Her work can be found in many public and private collections including Glaxo Smith Kline, Kerner & Kerner, The Rittenhouse Hotel, Sterling Drug Company, Price Waterhouse, Hoyle Morris & Kerr Attorneys, The Logan Hotel, and Numerous Private Collections. 

Hope has been a paid lecturer and has held Pinhole workshops. She is working on a book “Witness to Witness” about Holocaust Survivors that are living in South Florida.

She has been published  in Shots Magazine, National Aperture Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Lorel Marketing, Pace Advertising, and a book cover with Russoli Books NYC, "Cosmos" has recently been acquired for the collection of FOTOTROPIA.



Group and Solo Shows

  • PNC Bank - Solo Show

  • June Bateman Fine Art Gallery 2012 NYC

  • JCC- 2 person Show-Celebration of Jewish Women 2013

  • Red Filter Gallery- Lambertville, NJ Curator-Forrest Old 2012

  • Frameworks Gallery-Philadelphia, Pa 2012

  • Gallerie BMG-Encaustic Show- Woodstock, NY 2013

  • Curious Camera- 2013 Honorable Mention 2013

  • NYCPA- 2013 -Curated by Juror - Thomas Werner “Juror Selection Award”-2013

  • SFO Museum Solo Show Geometry in Nature August 2014

  • Light Box Gallery 2012 Honorable Mention

  • Lightbox Photographic Nudes-Juror- Mark Sink 2013

  • Photo Place- Vermont Photographic Dreams & Fictions-show&publication 2013

  • Krappy Kamera-2014,2015,2016,(2017-Honorable Mention)

  • Photography 33-Perkins-Juror Peter Barberie-2014

  • Lightbox Photographic-Curious & Curiouser-Juror Blue Mitchell-show&publication 2016

  • Colorida Gallery-Lisbon Portugal- Show 2017

  • Solo Show at The BOX Gallery West Palm Beach, Fl. 2018

  • Sallie&Berton Gallery-” Passenger-A Global Journey” West Palm Beach,Fl. 2019


In the Collections of

  • Glaxo Smith Kline

  • Kerner & Kerner

  • The Rittenhouse Hotel

  • Sterling Drug Company

  • Price Waterhouse

  • Hoyle Morris & Kerr Attorneys

  • Numerous Private Collections

  • Blogs

  • Light Leaked

  • The Flat File

   Published Photographs

  • SHOTS Magazine-2017 Cover Image Fall 2017#137

  • Seities Magazine 2016

  • SKIN Publication-2016

  • The Photographic Nude-2016

  • Photographic Dreams & Fictions 2015

  • National Aperture Magazine

  • Philadelphia Magazine

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Lorel Marketing

  • Pace Advertising

  • Ike the Cook, Book Cover, Russoli NY