New Exhibit Opening November 16!

I am excited to announce my upcoming exhibit this November in West Palm Beach. For the first time, I will be showing my collection of Pinhole Nudes! Please note the corrected opening reception date listed below...

Featured Artist: Hope Kahn
Friday, November 16
at The Box Gallery
from 7-10pm
811 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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"The photograph is but the bridge that provides the emotional and spiritual connection between the viewer and the art. I look for the darkness in the light, the mystery in the everyday. I spend my time blending nature and the figure into a narrative for the viewer. My mind is wandering, wondering, where my next image hides. I concede to my impulses and instincts to bring mysteries to light."   

- Hope Kahn

“Art is Everywhere.”

This lovely poem was written by a good friend and fellow photographer named Gabriele Roden. The photos that accompany this piece are by her as well. She has inspired me and I hope you feel the same. Enjoy! 

Art is Everywhere

I am possessed to chase the details,
Not to miss any abandoned pieces of the puzzle.
When I slow down
I find them scattered all around me.

The tossed apple that floats
On a bed of seaweed.
The rusty shovel
That planted sunflowers in another season.
A piece of washed up driftwood
That leans against bleached shingles, 
eligible for a fine sculpture in a museum.  

In other words, “Art is Everywhere”,
A teacher told me.
Now I see it, each one a gift,
A story that wants to be told,
anchored in place, waiting for me to discover.

A reunion of sorts,
Both of us bringing our story.
Each object in the spotlight
Between my lens and the setting sun. 

August 2018/Rockport


So, you are bored, and unmotivated as an artist?

Living in your head? Here’s what I did to break the cycle of no inspiration:

Get in your studio, paint, or get out and photograph or Plein Aire paint, or get behind your computer or whatever your medium is for creating.

If you wait for motivation, you may be waiting a long time… motivation comes in the process of creation, one thing will lead to another. 

Sometimes I just get out of the house, take a walk, or sit quietly and close my eyes. If you live in a city there are tons of options for motivating yourself. All the obvious of course, the museums and galleries, but how about walking a new way, trying a different street, looking at window displays?

I used to say to my mother, “I’m bored” and she would tell me to just do something!  I remember I would put a 45 on my record player and be transported!  (Yes, I gave my age away with that one!)

Now get out there, there is no excuse. 


Finding the Best Images to Wax and Paint

When choosing an image to make an Encaustic painting, I look for 3 important things:

  1. It must be a good image! Don’t think waxing is going to solve a bad image. Your picture must have good “bones” to start with. i.e. leading lines, rule of thirds, etc.
  2. Look for an image that has a lot of white space in which to paint, as there is not a lot to paint when the image is too dark. 
  3. You must have a sturdy paper to hold the wax and paint without cracking. Choose an Archival Paper that is 308g/m or better. I find Hahnemuhle Natural or Bight 308gm or Epson Hot Press or Cold Press paper 330 g/m to work the best!