So, you are bored, and unmotivated as an artist?

Living in your head? Here’s what I did to break the cycle of no inspiration:

Get in your studio, paint, or get out and photograph or Plein Aire paint, or get behind your computer or whatever your medium is for creating.

If you wait for motivation, you may be waiting a long time… motivation comes in the process of creation, one thing will lead to another. 

Sometimes I just get out of the house, take a walk, or sit quietly and close my eyes. If you live in a city there are tons of options for motivating yourself. All the obvious of course, the museums and galleries, but how about walking a new way, trying a different street, looking at window displays?

I used to say to my mother, “I’m bored” and she would tell me to just do something!  I remember I would put a 45 on my record player and be transported!  (Yes, I gave my age away with that one!)

Now get out there, there is no excuse.