Torn Between Love


Torn between the love of your children, spouse or (significant other) and the love of making art.  Do you wonder how as a parent, or working person you will ever find the time to sit down and create? It can be difficult, especially when inspiration is not always happening. Right?

I often wake up early and go to the computer look at photo blogs, and just think.  Then, when I go about my day that brainstorming, I did earlier­ will incubate.

I found that I work best talking to fellow artists, and through meditation, and writing.   It is a clearing…a way to get centered. 

Ester Perel is a couple’s therapist and a fascinating speaker.  I’d like to share with you what she says are the three components in a relationship. I think they are also appropriate to making art.

  1. Imitating other artists

  2. Identifying with other artists­

  3. Internalizing and producing our own art.

Let me know your thoughts, how you create or whatever you would like to share.

Here is a new piece from Stratosphere (working title)