“Art is Everywhere.”

This lovely poem was written by a good friend and fellow photographer named Gabriele Roden. The photos that accompany this piece are by her as well. She has inspired me and I hope you feel the same. Enjoy! 

Art is Everywhere

I am possessed to chase the details,
Not to miss any abandoned pieces of the puzzle.
When I slow down
I find them scattered all around me.

The tossed apple that floats
On a bed of seaweed.
The rusty shovel
That planted sunflowers in another season.
A piece of washed up driftwood
That leans against bleached shingles, 
eligible for a fine sculpture in a museum.  

In other words, “Art is Everywhere”,
A teacher told me.
Now I see it, each one a gift,
A story that wants to be told,
anchored in place, waiting for me to discover.

A reunion of sorts,
Both of us bringing our story.
Each object in the spotlight
Between my lens and the setting sun. 

August 2018/Rockport